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We achieve the most in life when we work together. If you want to do better – better career, better relationship – whatever it may be that you feel is holding you back, you need people around you to help you get there, much faster and with real intention.

Let’s look at what you’re doing now and figure out what is working, and what is actually hindering your progress. We’ll discuss the behaviours, habits and preconceptions you’ve been carrying through life, and decide what you need, and what needs to be left behind.

We’re here to guide, mentor and support you on a range of issues you might be facing, and work with you to ensure you reach your fullest potential. We’ll set goals around your personal growth and create a structured plan with a clear pathway to where you want to be.

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What area of your life needs improvement?


Together we will look at the work you want to do and find suitable roles that you are looking for, we will find roles that are fulfilling, enjoyable and motivating as well as looking outside of the box and finding work that you might not have considered before. We will plan long term career goals and create a structured plan to help you achieve them.


Together we can work on, improving your current relationship, If you want to forget an ex partner, if you want to end a relationship but you arent sure how, if you have experienced abuse in a relationship, if you want to forget the past before you start a new relationship, you want to be the best version or yourself for your partner and have the best relationship, you lack confidence when dating and much more.


Together we can identify the underlying issue and find the root cause of your stress. The aim is to make you happier and more in control of your life again and eventually eliminate any stress so that you can focus on what is really important. We will learn techniques to both reduce and manage stress, both short and long term.


Together we will focus on your own worth and focus on your best self. The end goal is to show you that you are good enough for anything, anyone and mainly for yourself. The aim of this coaching is to improve relationships, career and your own well being. We will use some powerful exercises to help you start changing your thoughts and beliefs and to set boundaries. I want to show you that it is not selfish to put yourself first..

Goal Setting

Together we will help you achieve your goals through goal setting techniques that are proven to be effective. The keys areas we look at are: business, personal or career. We will set realistic goals and take a step by step approach. We will look at, environment, strategy, skills, beliefs, identity and finally purpose.

Work / Life Balance

Together we will get clarity on what is really important to you and identify how you manage your time and to make potentially life changing decisions. We will take a direct approach and get more clarity on what it is that you really want: for example, more flexibility, more independence, more alone time. We will really focus on you making the most out of your life, whether that’s a job you want to start or quit, setting up a business or spending most of your time doing what you love. I will give you the confidence to take action and to start your new life.

Self Esteem

Together we will clear the mind of anything weighing you down and leave space for you to access your own love and self worth. We will release the mental discomfort of anything negative or emotionally draining. We will change your habits and way of thinking and show you that you are good enough and worthy. We will explore self care, self acceptance, self confidence and self respect.


Together we will help you eliminate unnecessary worrying and to do this we will put everyday practices in place. I will teach you that a worry is merely a thought, emotion or feeling that you can change. There are many steps that we can take to tackle this: make a decision about what you can control, identify the facts of the situation in depth, asking the worst case scenario and finding out what you are worried about. We will put a suitable plan in place and work on this day by day for a more healthy and controlled state of mind.


Welcome, we hope that you are having a bright and easy day. Here we hope to not only become your mentor but your coach and loyal supporter. We are fully accredited and ready to help you change your life.

Our goal is always to motivate, help and guide people just like you to reach your fullest potential in life. We adopt a professional yet relaxed approach to coaching, but as we get to know each other, we’ll adapt how we work together to achieve the best results for you. Our clients provide great feedback, reviews and referrals, so you’re in great hands.

Here at textacoach we know what it takes to overcome adversity. Of course you need strength and determination, but you need not face these challenges alone. We are here to guide you through the journey of life.

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